The Carolina Crusade Story

Wayne HuntleyIt is said that familiarity breeds contempt. However, in this development, familiarity bred concern, compassion and a call of God. Traveling the same repeated route year after year, season after season,to our hunting lease in northeast North Carolina brought us through the center of the small town called Enfield.

It almost became traditional that as I viewed the poverty both financially  and spiritually of the impoverished area that I would remark to my wife, something needs to be done here, somebody needs to do something about this. These people need help! One day as these words fell from my mouth, they seemed to have fallen on the ears of God and I heard him say, why don't you?

I said,I will! I came into Enfield one day shortly after that experience to get a flat tire repaired on a four wheeler. While the gentleman was patching the tire, there stood by just watching an old gentleman.  I said, excuse me sir, who runs this town? He said, I guess that would be the mayor. I asked, can you me tell how to find him?  He said it isn't a man. It is a woman. He said, if you will let me ride in your truck, I will take you to her house. She wasn't home but I was able to get her contact information.

As soon as possible I contacted her. I told her who I was and how I had passed through her city time after time and how that God had given me a burden for her town and her people and a desire to bless them. Her unedited response was, Lord God Reverend we need a blessing.

I told her my plan was to come into her city and erect our tent on the county fairground property which was a high visibility location for a tent crusade.

We would give away a lot of gifts and provide free food. This would be the preliminaries for a fabulous crusade. Our outreach team canvassed the area and we also had a booth at their local festival advertising the upcoming crusade.

Mayor Barbara Simmons welcomed us and pledged her full support which she did give and way beyond our expectation. She provided our every need without any charges. She supplied a complete police force for security.

We connected the Enfield crusade with our annual world missions conference.

Our precious church responded both in finances and attendance. They showed up in great strength although they had to drive about an hour and a half. The expectation and anticipation was sky high. 

When the block party started people began to flow into the tent area by the hundreds.

At church time they moved under the tent. Attendance was probably between five and six hundred. When we began to worship you could feel not only our excitement but God's excitement.

Bro. David Smith was our evangelist and he did a masterful job.

As he neared the altar call time in his message, the Holy Ghost began to fall on the people before he even gave the official appeal. Tears gushed from my eyes as I saw the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced.  Men, women, young and old were desperately reaching out to God. It was then I heard God speak to me, this is where I want my church. I have been waiting for you to get here.

The end result was eighty eight filled with the Holy Ghost including the mayor and the chief of police.

We now have an active preaching point with locals attending in a free building provided by Mayor Simmons.

Mayor Simmons and the chief of police have both driven to Raleigh and visited the Temple Of Pentecost.

At the conclusion of the crusade again I heard God whisper pay close attention to what has just happened I have plans for this  to be repeated and multiplied in the future.

The North Carolina District has with much excitement and commitment launched "Carolina Crusades" using the Enfield model believing we will be able to place a preaching point or a daughter work in every one of our fifty nine counties that presently has no United Pentecostal presence.

In 2014 we will host ten simultaneous crusades in counties with no church, believing we will immediately launch preaching points or daughter works in each of them in one day.

We will also have Spanish pastors in place at each crusade extending the possibility to twenty daughter works or preaching points in one day.

This would not be possible without the involvement and encouragement of Bro. Doug Klinedinst,Bro. Gordon Mallory, Jeff and Heidi Cecil and Jay and Ginny Douglas.

Reaching 59 Counties With The Gospel!

Wayne Huntley – District Superintendent


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