Enfield Model

59 out of 100 Counties in the state of North Carolina have NO United Pentecostal Church.  Think about that.  59 Counties – totaling a population of three million people – have no United Pentecostal Church within reasonable driving distance.  It’s time to do something about that.

Enfield, NC – a small town, population 2,500 – located in Halifax County.  In October 2011, the Temple of Pentecost of Raleigh – in conjunction with Life Church in Rocky Mount – invaded the town of Enfield.  Town officials nearly gave us full reign as we came in, set up our tent, stage, sound system, inflatables for the children, served pizza, cotton candy, and snow cones.

Festivities began in the morning and extended through lunch.  Then all of a sudden at 2:00 in the afternoon – the pizza boxes shut, the inflatables deflated, and the Holy Ghost exploded in a crusade service.  Before the town knew what hit them, the choir sang, the word came from the evangelist, and the Holy Ghost exploded in a crusade service.

Over 80 people received the Holy Ghost.  Many claimed physical healing in their bodies.  The next day in Rocky Mount, vans full of people were in attendance for Sunday Services.  God rewarded the town officials for their cooperation by filling both the mayor and the police chief with the Holy Ghost in that service.

The activities were fun, the crusade was nice.  But the greatest result of the crusade was a stack of nearly 300 contact names and phone numbers, many of which answered that they’d be interested in a free in-home Bible study.  These contacts were the foundation of a preaching point in Enfield.

Since that crusade, once a month a team has gone into Enfield, set up in the community center (free of charge by the way), and had church.

At the time of this posting, the Enfield preaching point has been established for 16 months.  At least 15 regulars attend each service.  It is ready to begin having regular Sunday services.  It only lacks a pastor.

The Enfield model is proven, it is quick, and it is effective.  We can take this method and apply it to 59 counties in the state of North Carolina that have NO United Pentecostal Church.

The strategy has been established – the battle plan is in place.  The campaign will be entitled “Carolina Crusades.”  The goal is to apply the Enfield Model to TEN cities across the state – in ONE day – ONCE a year – until at the minimum ONE preaching point is established in each of these 59 counties, ultimately resulting in AT LEAST one church in every county of the state of North Carolina.

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